Regular expressions

Javascript form to interactively test regular expressions agains multiple text fragments.

Searched expression (regexp):

Tested text fragments:

Basic regular expression elements:
a B G 7 0 @ - = %letters and digits match exactly
\. \\ \$ \[escaped special characters
\n \r \t \dec_code \xhex_codenon printable characters
^ $begin/end of line
\bword boundary
\Bnot a word boundary
Character groups
.any char except newline
\d \D \s \S \wdecimal digit, non digit, whitespace, not whitespace, char from [a-zA-Z0-9_]
[char_list]any char from list, i.e. [0123456789], [a-zA-Z0-9_]
[^char_list]any char outside list, i.e. [^0-9]
Counts - add ? for non-greedy.
expr*0 or more
expr?0 or 1
expr+1 or more
expr{n,m}n to m
expr{n}exactly n
expr{n,}n or more
Alternation: expr1|expr2

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