miniscope v3

You can find several different oscilloscope projects on my pages, but documentation is usally not complete. I had not released source code of PC application. I sent it to few interested people. They usally screamed in horror seeing the mess I made.

Miniscope v3 project is intented to create unified and modular user interface for PC oscilloscopes.
miniscope v3 diagram

Compiler/IDE: free Turbo C++ Explorer (BDS 2006). Installing current hotfixes (2009.10.14: rollup with Hotfixes 1-10, additional Hotfixes 11, 12, 13 are available at for registered users) is strongly recommended.
Update: unfortunately Embarcadero support for Turbo C++ 2006 Explorer is discontinued. Currently there is now way to register new copy and receive free and legal key.
To run program cc3270MT.dll and cg32.dll libraries may be required (depending on compilation options used to build specific executable). Place them in application or system directory.

Miniscope software is licensed as GPL v2. If the integration of miniscope code requires the use of a license other than GPL, an alternative license may be arranged. Contact me for further details.

Docs: doxygen

Writing device dlls

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