Compiling avrdude with MinGW/MSYS

It looks like Cygwin is not a recommended build environment for arvdude (see bug #29263) anymore, so in order to build avrdude for Windows you should use MinGW/MSYS. Surprisingly this is quite simple:

Resulting binary:

Note: downloading and installing libusb is optional, if you are going to use only i.e. STK-200 programmer you can skip it. It is required to use avrdude with usbasp.

Changes for avrdude 5.11 and MinGW/MSYS 20110802

Resulting binary: (no libftdi).

You can find build with libftdi at AVR Freaks Forum,

With avrdude 6.0.1 (Sep 2013) and 6.1 (Mar 2014) official avrdude Windows binaries are provided by the author.

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