PICKIT2 clone

PICKIT 2 is simple but powerful programmer/debugger for Microchip microcontrollers. First firmware/software version was able to debug only one type of microcontrollers, but currently (May 2008) compatibility list is nearly as reach as for ICD2. With latest software package new gadgets were added: simple 3-channel logic analyzer and UART console. Price of original device is also very low.

Scheme I used to build my PICKIT 2 clone is simplified, some parts are changed to more popular types, but it should have full capabilities of original device.
PICKIT2 scheme (pdf)
Scheme + PCB (Eagle Light)
pickit2 with case
pickit2 components
PCB is optimized for KM 78 case.


Revision history:

Problems found:

With new avrdude version (tested 6.1) pickit 2 may be used with AVR microcontrollers. Required connection scheme is available in avrdude instruction:

    [AVR (pin for "STK200" connector)]     [PICkit2]
    RST (5)                                VPP/MCLR (1)
    VDD (2)                                separate power supply recommended
    GND (8, 10)                            GND (3)
    MISO (9)                               PGD (4)
    SCLK (7)                               PDC (5)
    MOSI (1)                               AUX (6)    

Programming speed is lower that e.g. with USB, but still acceptable, especially if pickit 2 would be treated as backup programmer (both reading and writing ATmega8 FLASH at ~1kB/s).
PICkit2 to AVR 10 pin ("STK200") socket adapter
PICkit2 to 10-pin AVR programming connector adapter

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