USB to 1-wire converter with DS2490 IC

DS2490 is a specialized USB to 1-wire converter. It is almost complete device (5V to 3.3V regulator is not integrated) in 24-pin SO SMD package. Ready-to-use adapter (DS9490) from Maxim is available at reasonable price, but since I had piece of DS2490 lingering in the drawer I've made simple single-sided Eagle PCB for it.

Scheme: DS2490_scheme.pdf
DS2490 USB to 1-wire adapter
Eagle files: DS2490.7z

DS2490 PCB
DS2490 PCB
DS2490 PCB

With current software package DS2490 is using WinUSB as a Windows driver. OneWireViewer recognizes adapter as DS9490.
OneWireViewer window

Strangely, DS2490 status is now (2012/2013) "Not Recommended for New Designs" while there is no direct replacement/successor:

The DS2490 is still available for existing customer designs. We don't recommend it for new designs because demand is quite low and additional manufacturing would require a redesign, which we don't anticipate.

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