Miniscope v4 - time segments statistics module

One of my repeating and little tedious job tasks is evaluating or verifying CPU usage of some complex, multitasking system. Since functionalities I am testing usally are combining activity of more than one thread and system is using program/data cache simple measuring of code fragment execution time is inadequate. My method of choice is measuring CPU usage by measuring "idle" time. To measure "idle" time additional lowest priority thread is created which only job is pin toggling. Observing this pin state with oscilloscope allows to distinguish moments when CPU is busy processing higher priority (all other) tasks and when CPU is idle - pin is toggling with high speed (visible below as a white plot area). Example plot contains 512 kSamples:
CPU usage
After zooming higher frequency components (tasks that are active more regularly but for a shorter period of time) are visible:
CPU usage

Estimating CPU usage by particular functionality requires comparing is with CPU usage in idle state in specific system configuration. Good estimation required measuring time spans, writing it down, sum it up and calculating average value and was error prone. Statistics module is intended to speed up this calculation and minimize error chance.

CPU usage
After marking interesting plot fragment with cursors its time span can be directly grabbed by statistics window. To allow observing multiple activities or comparing with idle work multiple statistics windows can be used at once to collect data related to different tasks/threads.

If needed statistics module can be easily extended to operate also with cursor voltage values.

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