Data acquisition device interface

Communication with data acquisition device is done via dll plugins.
Exported function set is declared inside MiniscopeDevice.h. This file is (or should be) shared by miniscope and input dll projects. Dll function adresses are loaded dynamically at runtime. Not all functions are essential - if for example device has no sampling period setting it's dll doesn't have to implement SetSamplingPeriod function.
Libraries must be placed in application /device subdir. Libraries placed in this directory are added to list at program startup.
After selecting library used by program restart is required.
There are currently two device libraries available

Creating input dll for own device

Calibrating device sensitivity

Miniscope can generate and use calibration data for device. This is especially usefull if analog front-end of device has no calibration capabilities and/or was made out of componets with poor tolerance and/or components had no exact values (well, this is precise description of my AT91SAM7S device).
Dll can export functions StoreCalibration and GetCalibration to allow storing calibration data.
Each calibration record applies to single sensitivity range (each sensitivity range can be calibrated by itself). Calibration record has two components:

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