Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CLogGlobal logger
ConnectionInfoInfo about current connection state
CSingleton< T >Singleton pattern template class
DataFilterInterface for data filters
DataFilterDescriptionDescription/ID of data processing filter
DataSinkAbstract data receiver
DeviceInterfaceEncapsulates dll plugin
DisplayAbstact display interface class
DisplayOpenGLOpenGL based Display implementation
DllInfoInfo about dll device library
Json::FastWriterOutputs a Value in JSON format without formatting (not human friendly)
FFTSpectrum calculation
FFTWindowInterface for FFT window classes
FFTWindowDescriptionDescription/ID of FFT window
MutexMutex primitive (Win32)
Json::PathExperimental and untested: represents a "path" to access a node
Json::PathArgumentExperimental and untested: represents an element of the "path" to access a node
Json::ReaderUnserialize a JSON document into a Value
RecorderData recorder (storing single frame)
S_DEVICE_DLL_INTERFACEHolds Dll interface version
S_SCOPE_CAPABILITIESDevice capabilities structure
S_SCOPE_SETTINGSDevice settings structure
Display::S_STATEState of plot elements (visibility, zoom, position) in specific mode
ScopedLock< M >Scoped lock template
SettingsCommon (not related to any dll) program settings with Read/Write functions
Json::StaticStringLightweight wrapper to tag static string
StatisticsStatistical information calculator
Json::StyledStreamWriterWrites a Value in JSON format in a human friendly way, to a stream rather than to a string
Json::StyledWriterWrites a Value in JSON format in a human friendly way
TAboutBox"About program" window header file
TfrmLogLog display window
TfrmMainMain application window
TfrmNotificationWindow intended to display important messages in a non-blocking way
TfrmSettingsCommon application settings manipulation window
TimeCounterClass that reports it's lifetime when destructed
TMyTrackBarExtended trackbar with OnMouseUp event
Json::ValueRepresents a JSON value
Json::ValueAllocatorAllocator to customize member name and string value memory management done by Value
Json::ValueConstIteratorExperimental and untested: const iterator for object and array value
Json::ValueIteratorExperimental and untested: iterator for object and array value
Json::ValueIteratorBaseExperimental and untested: base class for Value iterators
ValueStringFormatterUtility class - value to string conversion
Json::WriterAbstract class for writers

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